Sunday, March 8, 2015

February and all it brings

Hi guys!
It's March, one of my favorite months - or at least a month with one of my favorite seasons...St.Patrick's Day!! We have officially entered the St.Pat's dancing season, a glorious month full of Irish dance performances to celebrate the Irish holiday, yay!! 
But let's back up just a bit and see what kind of events February brought about, shall we?

Ok, so we got David back to Brasil and he's doing splendid right now. 
February is Grandma Jack's birthday month and this year it worked out that all of us girls got to go have a sleep over at her house, watch Hallmark Valentine movies all night (can't beat that!) and then in the morning we woke up and made a special breakfast for Grandma on her actual birthday.
It was so much fun!

Seconds, anyone?

Another landmark occasion that happened in this particular February was the 10 year anniversary of the Irish dance group that I dance with!! It's been an awesome 10 years and I can't believe I've been blessed enough to be there for all of them! It's been one of the best things I've ever gotten to do and be part of. Especially because of the awesome friends who I've made and the life-long friendships that have come from it. So as a surprise I got Dad to help me with his awesome decorating skills and together we made this cake for me to take to dance class for everyone.

This is just a small portion of the dancers in the group, but it's a good thing, otherwise we wouldn't have had enough cake! :D
I learned how to make rice krispie sushi to take to one of our YW activities, so that was a fun experiment!

Then we headed on to Valentine's Day weekend! Normally this is a pretty average day around our house - except for a good reason to increase our chocolate intake. ;)
  This year Dad wanted to make us a fun breakfast so he whipped up some tasty fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits along with some delightful little cherry muffins. Mmm!

 For dinner he made us another surprise meal and did some chicken salad sands on croissants that were joined by a new Greek salad that we'd never tried before - definitely a keeper! Malia had to work the closing shift that night so we met up with her during her :"lunch" break and ate in the break room at Petsmart. We just bring the party with us wherever we go!

That morning we also went and watched a couple of our little cousins do their cheerleading for a basketball game. They were pretty stinkin' cute!!

  So for Kelani and my big Valentine's Day adventure we decided to have a bunch of our kids over that we get to babysit some times. By the time everyone came we had about 12 kids there from the age of 11 to about 3. It was awesome!!
For lunch we had pancakes then the kids all kind of broke off into whatever sounded fun to them.

Kelani was on nail painting detail and had a mini salon going on in her room - complete with chocolate covered pretzels and a few marshmallows for the ladies to snack on.

We had kids out jumping on the trampoline, a few in the house playing legos, decorating sugar cookies, playing the Wii, and some just running around like wild animals (ok, the amount of sugar they consumed may or may not have had something to do with that... :)

Here's the gang for the "crazy" picture pose!

We also had our monthly traditional Girls Night that we started a few months ago, thanks to our cousins in Jerome and Twin doing something similar to that.
For this one Malia suggested that we go to a hockey game and cheer on the Steelheads. I hadn't been to a hockey game for quite a while so it was pretty fun to head back and watch again.

And here's the view from the top of the parking garage after the game. I think the time it took to actually make it out of the garage was nearly the length of the game, but we had our tunes on and just jammed out in the car while we waited! :)

Now it's March and already been a pretty great month! There's lots more to tell but I think I'll save that for another day. Stay tuned...

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