Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Drop-off...wait, didn't we just do this?!

So guess what? David is in Brasil today!! Yep, he flew back and is now going to spend the next 90 days soaking up the sun and doing all the (good) things that he couldn't do under mission rules. Like - going to the beach. Have I mentioned that yet? :)
On Tuesday night, Mom, Dad, David, and I drove to Jerome and stayed the night at the Farm then got up, ate some tasty blueberry pancakes that Grandma Farns whipped out, and then hit the road to Salt Lake by about 7:45.
It was such a pretty drive!!

Crazy comparison, but this picture is from November 2012 on our way to take David to the MTC!  

And here we are in February 2015, on our way to Salt Lake, sending him right back to the country from whence he just came! :)

This was our sunrise, it was so great!!

We got to Salt Lake around 10:30 but didn't need to have him to the airport until a little after 12:00, so in the meantime we stopped in at Costco to surprise Dad's Samoan mission companion, Poao, who was working there and didn't know we were in town! That was fun! 
After that we stopped at a couple different Polynesian stores to stock up on our Polynesian food needs and just get a whiff of the islands. Good times were had by all!
By the time we were done there we hit up a local Jimmy Johns before heading off to the airport.

One last "selfie" with the boy before he hopped onto the plane, but no tears from anyone (even Mom :) this time, he'll be back again at the beginning of May.

Awkward hug moment! :D

One for Momma, then me (the hug part, not the cheek kissing stuff)!

Once we got him dropped off, the party officially started! Joking!!
But since we were in the area, we decided to make a nice day trip out of it, so we parked near the Conference Center then took a walk to see what we could see.
We ended up taking a tour of The Beehive House, which we haven't done in a long time, then meandered over to City Creek.

Dad found his personal Shangri-La at the entrance to the food court of City Creek.
Have you ever seen such an excited look on someone's face before?!

This time around his stomach told him that it could only be satisfied by a hearty Stromboli filled with spinach and melty mozzarella.

Of course, after that much of a sodium intake, the only way to balance out your system is to stop in at this little cavern of happiness...

He hit the jackpot with the pecan-caramel-chocolate drizzle apple. Pure heaven! 
And nothing better than finishing it off with a few chocolate covered cinnamon bears - or by this point might we call them "SINnamon" bears?

To end our day trip of goodness, we went in and saw The Christus, which never fails to amaze me. 

We got one last touch of color on our drive home. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

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Kim said...

Tiana! I LOVE the pictures from this trip! I'm glad you guys made the most of this. So Fun! And now we need another post that talks all about how David is engaged!?!!! So crazy and excited! The world needs details! ;)